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Melissa Suzanne McBride (from The Walking Dead, among other things) looks pretty much like how I picture Gen Lestrade. I've never seen that show, but I saw a promo picture and thinking...

"Gen totally WOULD be a survivor in the zombie apocalypse."
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GenevieveLestrade-RP's Profile Picture
Genevieve Lestrade
United Kingdom
Name: Genevieve Nicole Lestrade (pronounced the French way. zhuhn-VYEHV)
Age: 48
Gender: Female
Occupation: Bodyguard
Appearance: 5’7”; athletic; lithe; lean muscle; salt-and-pepper, pixie cut hair; warm brown eyes; slight crows feet around the eyes and faint frown lines, but other than that, looks good for her age
Genevieve grew up on a farm in the countryside of England with her seven younger brothers. She was always a tomboy, and despite teasing, she embraced her wild side. She originally wanted to be a soldier or police officer, but ended up traveling across the globe for eight years. After she returned to England she became a governess for a rich politician’s family, but her role slowly shifted to being a bodyguard. She held this role for seventeen years- [that is, until a few weeks before Genevieve’s entrance into the RP] but had recently found the need for a new job. She decided to go to London in hopes that her favourite cousin, Greg, could help her in her job search, or at least point her in the right direction.

Rped by DNA-The-Authoress :icondna-the-authoress:

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((It says 404 Not Found D: ))
Agents-C-and-G-RP Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
(It's just the newest journal anyway....with Irene's party, I thought I'd break the champagne bottle to start this ship, no? ;) )
((Haha, I like it.... even if that journal IS an AU. XD Gotta go now ugh but will return ASAP))
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Agents-C-and-G-RP Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
"....who is it?"
"What?!" Kev snaps, if he were a dog he would have lunged at Ben defensively to ward him off.
"You've been tense all day, mate. And you know, today's the day for-"
"Twats to waste money." Kev stated and Ben smirked which only made him angrier.
"....are you blushing or gound red in anger I can't tell-"
"Alright, that's it! Get out! Get the fuck out!" Kev tried to shove him from the car that sat still outside of the hotel. Ben was laughing heartily.
"Alright, I'll back off!" He sat there smiling smugly though. "....if you run to the postbox round the corner perhaps that letter in your pocket won't weigh you down much anymore though."

Kev was generally surprised that Ben had noticed it but paused, then got out and pelted round the corner with Ben chuckling to himself and wondered who the hell was going to suffer that man's affections.


The valentines card was cheap, the ink blue, and the writing in capitals to hide the handwriting style.
It was just a heart with some lace on, and the only thing inside it was one sentence:

"You are kind and beautiful."
Gen smiled at the card and found her eyes were watering.

"Who... who would ever send something like this to me?
Agents-C-and-G-RP Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
(I don't think Kev even really likes her yet, but he is secretly very caring and wanted her to feel happy and special so I think something's starting there.... X3 )

Ben never said another word, even when Kev lied and said he was sending it to his lonely mam just to make her feel special because Ben knew Kev did NOT have that sort of tradition.
((AWWW!!!! He's so cute underneath all of the gruffness!))
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Greg-Lestrade-RP Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
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